Williams-Sonoma: Macaron Madness

Ruth will be showcasing the art of the perfect macaron, from measuring the ingredients to piping perfect circles and the aroma as they bake and develop a shiny shell wth perfect feet.  She will also be sharing secrets of the perfect filling from beginning to end.  People who are participating in the workshop will be participating in the process and be taking home the skills to create their own perfect macarons at home.

About Macaron Madness

Macaron Madness was was born from a chance meeting, a new KitchAid, a new cookbook & Ruth’s passion for baking, and has never looked back.  

The name Macaron Madness aptly describes the passion for baking macarons, the hours spent coming up with and testing innovative and quirky macaron flavours, and the genuine excitement on the faces of our clients when we deliver our signature macarons.  With a philosophy of “our flavours are limited by your imagination”, every day is is a flavour adventure that know no bounds!

Macaron Madness will be in Williams-Sonoma on Sunday 27th August 12pm to 4pm. 

Williams-Sonoma is located on Level One.