Purebaby: Home for Christmas

05 Nov 2018

There’s nothing quite like being home for Christmas, especially if you are bringing a little bundle home for the first time.

Inspired by the beauty in Australiana, this year’s Christmas collection ‘Home For Christmas’ draws on beautiful natural elements, sweet animals and imaginative play. 

Purebaby’s Christmas range has been designed with special family gatherings and play in mind. Woven dresses with frills and metallic embroidery are ideal for those more special occasions and dinners, whilst a dressy jumpsuit is perfect for play with cousins on Christmas Day. 

Outfits for babies in matching patterns and colours create a beautiful opportunity for sibling photographs or photos with Santa for family afar. If little ones are visiting Australia for Christmas, the prints and patterns are a lovely way remember their holiday.

Visit Purebaby for a selection of gifting options including classic toys and gifts chosen with your little one’s early development and creativity in mind, and gift wrapping options to help you complete the perfect gift.

Purebaby is located on Level Two.