Ecco: Crepetray

12 Mar 2018

In essence, every Ecco shoe is a fusion of the innovations in the sole, with the heritage of the gorgeous, rich leather uppers. But never before has that combination of the new and the historic been more striking than with the Ecco Crepetray — a new, ultra lightweight Casual group for Autumn/Winter 2018.

Ecco’s futuristic, innovative take on the classic crepe sole, which has been achieved using twenty-first-century direct injection technology, has created a transformed new original in the shoemaker’s range of dynamic comfort platforms. As well as being lighter than conventional crepe rubber, with its hollowed out ‘bed’ of P.U, the new sole no longer has some of the difficulties associated with crepe rubber, such as stickiness in the heat, and stiffness in the cold.

To create the current Ecco Crepetray collection, the modern crepe sole has been combined with uppers whose hardy, utilitarian, workwear aesthetic can be traced to the ‘veldskoen’ shoe worn by the first Dutch settlers in South Africa in the seventeenth century. Historians might suggest that Ecco Crepetray's ackstory runs even deeper than the 1600s, as the ‘veldskoen’ was inspired by traditional Khoisan footwear in South Africa. The Ecco Crepetray is then the Danish brand’s ultra-modern spin on a workwear heritage staple, that includes iconic footwear such as the logger, engineer and combat boots, as well as the desert chukka.

Remarkably, all the improvements on conventional crepe rubber have been accomplished without losing the material’s traditional look and organic texture. That was made possible because of Ecco’s FLUIDFORM™ Technology, with P.U direct-injected into an underfoot tray, made from a modern rubber compound with a honey-like, rich and translucent appearance. What results is a soft, shock-absorbing sole that also provides grip.

The Ecco Crepetray offers generous comfort and a close fit, thanks to an anatomical last that follows the natural curves of the foot, resulting in a moulded footbed and a rounded heel. For additional support and cushioning, the shoe has an anatomically-shaped inlay sole, with four distinct silhouettes in the range: the Desert Boot, the Derby, the moccasin-inspired Canoe Moc and the Espadrille.

Ecco is located on Level One.